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Plain A New Age Cabaret

Follow Angela Coleman on a journey of self love in this Romantic Comedy. Will she find herself or love through this journey? Find out through this Musical Theatrical Film where the fourth wall is broken and the characters are larger than life. 


Bloom Give it Life The DocuFilm

When an arts educator teaches Dreaming by being a living example, she blooms !!! Be inspired and entertained by this energetic nonstop documentary highlighting the journey of FlowerChild Productions, Inc. The obstacles, the struggles, and the celebrations to succeed. 


A Musical Film, Co-produced, Choreography, Casting in conjunction with Save the Arts Films. A movie with music about hopes and dreams!!!


 See production photos, trailers etc... at

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It Takes A Village 2
A follow up to part one, the friends are now in high school. Did they resolve their issues or are they still going through them? What happens when parents, community, and friends come together to be the village for these friends. 


A collaboration with STA Films, Flowerchild Productions served as Co-Producer, Co-Director, Casting Director, and Acting Coach.

 See production photos, trailers etc... at

Check it out here:

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