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501c3 Nonprofit Services

FlowerChild Productions Inc. is dedicated to serving Creative youth and young adults in underserved communities. We create opportunities for training and hands on experiences in Arts and Entertainment for our Creative youth to shine, learn, and grow into careers using their gifts and passions. We also provide workshops and inspirational speaking engagements that inspire Entrepreneurs, Educators, Creatives, and anyone who strives to pursue their Dreams using Creative strategies. 

Workshops for Kids

Morgan FlowerChild will come to your organization and teach a workshop in Theatre, Dance, Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship for Kids, Teen Film viewing and talk backs, Conflict Resolution, Acting for the Camera, and more 


Inspirational Speaking & Educator Training

Book Morgan FlowerChild for an experience you will never forget! Hear real stories about her experience as a Visionary, Educator, and Entrepreneur; the challenges and triumphs. Book her for a wonderful training session to show show educators how she has been successful in differentiation in the classroom by using the Arts as a way to reach the youth and adolescents. 

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